Sunday Bloody Sunday 2013

Last week, on a rooftop in New York City, the band recorded an acoustic performance of  ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ – and dedicated it to democracy in Iran.

The track is part of ONE’s campaign to harness the power of protest songsto demand action against extreme poverty at the G8 summit.

Remember the amazing reaction to Sunday Bloody Sunday on the 360 tour?  Every night it went out in support of the Green Movement that sprang from the 2009/10 Iran elections. The response from across the world – including in Iran – was phenomenal.

You can now watch this performance on youtube and you can hear Bono adding new words to this song. Here they are “On another broken hill, red crosses and crescent moon collides. Pilgrims pray to know God’s will. Scratching in the dirt. Signing up to die. Scorched earth or a cruel sun, is this the battle Jesus won on.”


News Source: One Campaign

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