U2′s Invisible presents band at its aspirational best

The new single from U2 is called “Invisible,” and it was released for free on iTunes on Super Bowl Sunday. Produced by Danger Mouse and taken from the band’s forthcoming album, it’s both a pleasant surprise and a fairly typical track by the world’s biggest rock band. Relying on the Teutonic “motorik” beat as the propellant, it features the kind of grand, aspirational chorus that Bono and buds were born to birth and flies on the wings of a typically sticky guitar melody courtesy of the Edge. 

Which is another way of saying, if you’re not down with U2′s vibe, don’t consider “Beautiful Day” to be among the band’s best, have made your mind up about Bono or consider them incapable of cruising down roads no other major rock band dare travel, get off the bus at the next stop. 

Me, I think it’s a prime U2 jam, a snagged-from-the-ether track so logical as to feel somehow fated to exist. But, then, I’m a male who’s a sucker for that beat, cry during movies and tend to look for the best in people, so of course I’m a Bono target.

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